Tuesday, March 16, 2004

The video cell phones are coming ...
Check out this article on Forbes.com about how the BBC is using souped-up video cell phones to file from the scene quickly.
Just as at Newsplex we showed in February that it's possible to do a credible job of supplemental journalism using basic cell phone cameras and a mobile weblog publishing system (see SC Primary Moblog), the BBC is pushing the envelope on video.

American newsrooms and classrooms should pay attention. As Forbes notes, "While the concept is being pioneered in the U.K., it's one that is sure to soon land on U.S. shores and will undoubtedly affect the practice of journalism globally."

It's not healthy being U.S.-centric too much in our look at modern journalism. Because of technology and cultural factors, U.S. journalism is trailing in some important areas.


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