Thursday, April 15, 2004

What a great idea!
Tom Mangan, at his Prints the Chaff blog suggests getting as many bloggers out to the Giants-Athletics game on June 27 as possible to get the "widest range of perspectives."
Dang, my frequent flier miles just ran out, Tom.
But let's think a minute. What about a moblog at your local rec center on those game nights? At my local center, where until this year I coached, there were eight or 10 games going on a night. If you're an editor and you want to bolster traffic to your site, why not arrange with a few people to moblog all those tykes' games. You don't think mom and dad and grandpa and grandma will be e-mailing those links far and wide -- and that puts more eyeballs on your advertisers. (sigh. see below.)
Sure there will be management issues. So you work with a select few people and put in some parameters. You'll have to decide if it's worth the work back in your shop to increase your traffic.

Hey, Tom, have a hot dog for me!


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