Tuesday, May 17, 2005

How not to podcast radio

Staci at PaidContent.org has a snarky -- and on target -- critique of Infiniti's new "podcast" station, KYOU in San Francisco.

This sound like the same ham-handed way Infinity handled putting its all-news stations online (though I noted those problems have now been largely fixed).


At 5/18/05, 1:46 AM, Blogger Jon Garfunkel said...

Doug-- I think she failed to explain that KYOU was over the old-fashioned airwaves as well (1550 AM). Certainly if one wanted to listen over the computer, as Staci was doing, one might as well just go to the sources.

My impression is that it's a new gimmick. It wouldn't interest me unless I were a public radio programmer looking for new and original content. -- Jon

At 5/18/05, 8:41 AM, Blogger Doug said...

Definitely think it's a gimmick. But I also don't discount human nature -- which I don't think for most people is to click around looking for content. That's reflected in this comment on the station's site:
"i leave it tuned in all day! It's like all the fun of podcasting without all that search and subscribe work. :)"

Then again, there's also this view:
"Interesting idea -- but isn't the whole point of podcasting to provide an opportunity to listen to audio that marries up to your own interests -- and on your own schedule? I'm not sure that a broadcast is the best way to promote the benefits of the medium. Still, I aplaude Infinity's willingness to experiment with this format -- and hope that it introduces many new fans to the possibilities of podcasting!"

Aggregation's likely to happen somehow, so why not see if this is one model that works? I can see a following developing for some of the shows (and not everyone has an Ipod). But Staci's point, I think, is that if you are trying to be a bleeding edge operation, why is your Web site so dang difficult to use? That's where Infinity doesn't seem to quite get it.

At 5/19/05, 12:33 AM, Blogger Jon Garfunkel said...

True, but if I were an editor, and Kramer submitted that story, I'd say, that's all she's got? She couldn't even listen to the station? She couldn't find another review for me? Wasn't blogging originally about finding links?

It's the unbearable lightness of blogging once again.


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