Monday, January 02, 2006

Today's fact-checking quiz

From a TV listing awhile back about History Channel program. Can you spot the error? (Answer in the comments section -- no peeking):

From the image of the old Alamo mission in El Paso to that of the modern-day Mission Control in Houston, the history of "Texas: Big America" has been packed with heroic figures and adventurous lore. This new two-hour special spotlights many of those who have sparked the imagination and dozens of motion pictures. (Did you know that the word "Texas" has been in the title of more than 400 movies?)
Among those profiled are .., etc.


At 1/2/06, 5:48 PM, Blogger Doug said...

-- Nope, it's not the superfluous use of "new" with "two-hour special."
-- Nope, it's not the superfluous use of "the word" with Texas in quotes.
-- Nope, it's not that you don't give a crap how many times the word has appeared in movie titles. (Skip the "Did you know" and just tell me.)

But last time we at CSJ central checked, the Alamo was in San Antonio. Let's hope the film crew got it right and didn't end up at some Alamo rent-a-car in El Paso.


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