Wednesday, December 13, 2006

ABC turns to public for year-end video special

ABC is sending out messages promoting its "Caught on tape 2.0" in hopes of scaring up some unique citizen-captured video that might be out there.

I got mine today from Eric Strauss at the network. Here's the spiel:

Have you captured an astonishing scene others missed? Has your video helped the voiceless be heard? Have you recorded a life changing event? Used the camera in a creative way? Cameraphone. handheld video. Webcam.

Our producers are asking for the most powerful, compelling, emotional video moments captured in 2006. If your video is strong enough, important enough, really meaningful, we will put it on TV. Upload your video or tell us about it.

"Caught 2.0" is airing nationwide on ABC News '20/20' on Dec. 29, 2006.

ABC is right when it says "2006 was the year of the digital video." And it's nice that ABC is reaching out to add the network imprimateur to at least some things that might be good examples of citizen journalism.

Missing, however, is any indication I could find of perhaps paying those whose video is used. ABC makes how much from an hourlong "20/20"? It seems to me sharing even $100 a pop won't dent the budget (after all, the show could run maybe, what, 30 videos max during an hour).

But, if you just want the thrill of seeing your work on network TV, here's the link. You can upload just about any common file format. There's a 20 Mb limit.
Updated 12/14 to fix bad link.

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