Saturday, March 17, 2007

Blogging Debate

Missed this when it first surfaced ...

A good debate on the pros and cons of blogging for business. See the original post, "Why I've Stopped Blogging," by Dee Rambeau on the Marcom blog. And a response by Allan Jenkins.

I do think Rambeau has a good point -- that with the corporatization of things (Think pay for posting), it is getting harder to find the authentic voices.



At 6/1/07, 4:07 AM, Anonymous Dee Rambeau said...

Goodness it's been a busy time since I stopped blogging "cold turkey" on Feb. 13. No kidding my life is richer, fuller, etc.

What's been interesting is that I've noticed I'm not missing anything. What I thought was SOOOOO important in the PR Blogosphere just isn't. You can dip in a couple of times a what's going on...and stay in touch. Whereas I was previously compelled to comment, track, post, monitor...every little damn thing that was said about this and that.

What a marvelous freedom. Thanks for your post of two months ago. Here I am...keeping up...just not as compulsively.


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