Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Newspapers and You Tube

Should newspapers post their videos on You Tube?

The question originally rose on the Newspaper Video group on Yahoo, and Angela Grant has rounded up those responses and others on her blog.

The overwhelming answer seems to be yes. And maybe there will be some ancillary benefits. As editors and others up the food chain see that the world did not crash because you posted video or linked to a site off yours, maybe they'll be willing to do more of that all around, such as in news stories and staff blogs.



At 4/12/07, 9:26 PM, Blogger Angela Grant said...

I started doing some research because I was trying to determine whether my paper should start posting videos to YouTube. To tell the truth, I started out trying to gather evidence that we SHOULD ... But now I don't know. I did some research on LexisNexis and wrote about my findings here.

I think it's mandatory to post videos on more sites than just your own. But YouTube doesn't pay content creators, while other sites do. I'd like to wait until YouTube works out its compensation system (I think it's coming).


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