Friday, September 07, 2007

CoScripter, a killer Firefox plug-in

Came across this very neat free Firefox plug-in today. If you are a newsroom trainer, or anyone who has to show people how to do things on the Web or needs to automate things like filling out forms, take a close look at CoScripter from IBM.

Basically, CoScripter records -- in plain English -- all the steps you take as you fill out online forms, do searches, etc. The scripts can be saved on IBMs site as public, so that you and others can use them from the library. They also can be made private.

But the "killer" part of this app is that you can cut and paste that English text into any word processor and add it to whatever handout, instruction sheets, etc., you need to produce.

The scripts are also somewhat editable into more plain English, and the plug-in still recognizes them.

Check it out. There's also a Flash video demonstration.

(Although it is free, you do need to go through the registration process on

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