Thursday, February 21, 2008

Need a place to vent?

There's a lot of anger out there in journalist-land these days. Now, Kiyoshi Martinez has provided a place for journalists to vent:

Some recent vents:
  • Hey guys! Congratulations, we’ve decided to add another bi-monthly special section to your regular duties. You’ve got plenty of time to do 25-inch features on local “Life After 55″ when you’re not covering car wrecks, fires, murder trials, shootings, stabbings, drownings and all the other assorted bullshit we make you do. ...By the way, no overtime.
  • Working as a 22-year-old journalist at a newspaper where the median age is 45 and having to deal with old people who don’t have a clue. Even worse when you work in features and cover entertainment and all these people can write about are bands that were cool and innovative 15 years ago but mean nothing today.
  • Because I could be making a lot more money doing something else in communications and my skills would be more appreciated, but I don’t have the guts to swallow my self-respect
  • Everything has become strict. Stricter than before. No fun. No fun.
  • I am angry at America. I am angry that we have become so comfortably numb, that we only care about what Britney’s doing, whatever soundbite made on CNN. I hate that we are so introspective, and that our media has become so self-reflective. ... The world exists, goddamnit.
  • I’m tired of spokesmen and women who will only give information on background. Not much of a spokesman or woman, are ya?
  • I’m angry that my city editor is too dumb to know the difference between passive and active verb tenses. I’m not sure which is worse, that he didn’t know, or that when he was confronted with it his response was “Dude, I didn’t go to journalism school. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Umm, dude, it’s called the English language. And it’s a big part of your stock and trade. [Ed's note: Ummm dude, the idiomatic phrase is "stock in trade."]

But the best may be:

I’m not a journalist, but I’m angry that I just wasted an hour on this site.

They're up to 840 posts. I'm sure many more are to come.

To Martinez's credit, he pledges not to put advertising on the site -- although with some of the language and imagery in that "UGC" (I'm not sure some editors can actually perform some of those maneuvers suggested), there probably aren't too many advertisers that would be comfortable showing up there.

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At 2/22/08, 1:02 AM, Blogger Kiyoshi Martinez said...

Thanks for plugging the site and your comments.

I could have probably thrown up Google Ads, if anything, to offset the cost of hosting and domain registration. But I really dislike the way text ads look, and generally dispise advertising on my favorite Web sites. Plus, I wanted to reduce loading times.

I have other ideas to monetize the site, but none of it will intefere with the reader experience on the site or disrupt the content. That is, of course, if I decide to bother to make a few bucks from this.


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