Wednesday, September 10, 2008

E&P gets it ... almost

OK, forget the disappearing stories that continually break links and the somewhat stodgy online layout. Editor and Publisher, has been coming around to the digital age. It finally established a good set of RSS feeds a while back, and its printing function has always done what I've said all sites should -- give you the option of printing out the links referenced in the article.

Now, it's finally blogging over at The E&P Pub. Decent stuff, though right now it looks a lot like the reason for having it is to open up a way to have comments that the magazine's legacy online system apparently won't accommodate.

But I went looking for the blog's RSS feed today? Oops ... close again, but I don't see one.

But maybe E&P will move more quickly this time to establish one. Type Pad makes it pretty easy.

As Steve Yelvington notes below, E&P does have them but hasn't made them visible for those of us who use things other than our browsers. So if you need a feed, copy and paste away:
Atom, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0.

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At 9/10/08, 8:53 PM, Anonymous yelvington said...

They do have feeds, but strangely, there's no visible link to them on the website.

If you read the HTML source code for the E&P blogs, the "head" portion includes "link rel" tags identifying both RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0 feeds. If you use Firefox, your browser will autodiscover the links and offer to subscribe the feed (in the URL field).

At 9/10/08, 9:44 PM, Blogger Doug Fisher said...

Dang, Steve. You gave away the secret sauce. LOL

I had found them that way after the post, but thought I'd wait a few hours to drive the tweak home.

But a good point - I'll put them on the post. If E&P doesn't necessarily fully get it, at least others will be able to get the feeds.

At 9/11/08, 8:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

E&P might be coming around, but they're still light years behind. Most of their online journalism coverage is rewritten press releases. They wrote a whole story the other day about message boards and never referenced non-newspaper sites. Worst of all, they still put quote marks around "hits" when referring to metrics. E&P covers newspapers well, but their online coverage is sorely lacking. There are numerous other blogs that --banded together-- cover online j way better than E&P could hope to.


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