Friday, May 29, 2009

2009 AP Stylebook

The 2009 AP Stylebook is now available for $18.95 each plus shipping ($11.75 for members).

The online stylebook is available for $25 for a year, and if you can swing that -- not so much the cost but whether you have the access and online is more convenient -- I recommend it. The online version now has audio files for pronunciation, and it includes regularly updated profile sheets on major businesses (revenue, market cap, etc.).

If you are an academic, AP now offers a chance to get a desk copy. Please do so, if you can. There really are enough changes each year that you shouldn't be using a two-year-old copy.

Alas, the AP has now put most of its "Ask the Editor" feature -- the archives -- behind the online stylebook paywall so that only a few of the most recent questions show. That cuts off what had become a de facto free stylebook for many people. Makes some sense, though, if you're trying to make money off the thing (plus, I can't begin to imagine the time sink that must have been for staff, especially the repetitive questions).

The "Stylebook" also now has a Twitter account, though AP isn't answering style questions there. But you can air your tech gripes and, I gather, for now get an occasional chance to win a stylebook.

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