Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nice taxonomy of online video

As with many things digital, we continue struggling to define new terms and concepts that really encapsulate the full experience.

So it is with online video. For some time, we've uneasily brought over TV terminology, but that was really designed for a one-way, not-quite-so-intimate, limited options environment. Online gives us many more possibilities, so the conversation has been augmented by the "three tiers" suggested by Chet Rhodes of

Now, Peg Achterman has given us another, and I think very good way, to frame the thinking. She compares it to being at a concert. Do you have a "balcony" view, one in the middle of the orchestra or something in-between?

I don't know that the terminology is going to catch on -- after all, VOSOT, SOT, and other conjugations of that strange tongue called "newsspeak" came about partly because of the need for economy of phrase. But Achterman has given us a strong mental framework in which to consider things.

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