Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Convergence Newsetter - August

The back-to-the-classroom issue of The Convergence Newsletter is out.*

Holly Fisher leads this edition with a look at what she'd wished she'd learned in j-school, and what she's glad she did, now that she has become one of the pink-slipped. David Weiuntraub has details on his new entrepreneurship for communicators course, including some good links to materials and some classroom exercises worth thinking about.

See you in September (in other words, look for the issue in your in boxes late this week or next). Our new editor, Matt McColl (I almost typed that McCool, which would have been very appropriate), has been doing a great job. Me, as exec editor, I just tear more of my already thinning hair out.

(*Yeah, it's the August issue in September - go figure. If you're buyin', I'll tell ya my woes.)

(And don't forget that if you want to get TCN when we do e-mail it, just send us a note at convnews@mailbox.sc.edu. It's free.)

We also welcome your articles, reviews, etc. We like to say TCN is a publication of first impressions bridging the academic and professional worlds. And if you want to comment on any of the material, go to the TCN blog.

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