Saturday, April 10, 2010

A turn of phrase that should have long shelf life

Michael Quinion, proprietor of World Wide Words, has a turn of phrase in this week's e-mail edition* that I shall certainly appropriate freely and at the proper times.

Talking about neologisms "chexting" (text messages among cheating lovers) and "sexting" (sexual text messages), Quinion refers to a Reuters article with this line: But don't be fooled into thinking you're safe. If you've sexted and chexted, you might soon be "exted" by your spouse.

Quinion also references "brexting," or breaking up via text message. He then observes (referring to chexting and brexting):

I suspect that both terms are already past their sell-by date.

A perfect response at the next copy editor-reporter or professor-student dust-up about some shopworn word or phrase. (It may have been around for a bit - I'm not sure - but it's fresh enough that used at opportune times it carries that wonderful toss-off-without-offending tone.)

Bring it on. (Oops, sorry. Couldn't help myself.)

*(His newsletter does not appear on the Web site until a few days after. I encourage you to sign up to get it fresh in your e-mail boxes each Friday night. Witty, refreshing and a dang interesting read.)

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At 4/16/10, 10:01 AM, Blogger Joel said...

How about Drexting - driving while texting...yes, these will last as along a dandelion flower...


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