Thursday, August 12, 2010

Resource link - styleguide check, weather in your inbox

A new site by Mary Beth Protomastro,, searches style guides across the Web.

Interesting idea and somewhat useful, but basically seems to be a Google search tailored to various style locations. It still won't get you into AP or Chicago, both of which are subscription. It does get you to the AP ask-the-editor section, but as you quickly find out that is of limited use because if you don't have an AP subscription, you can see only the most recent entries - even though the one you want has disappeared into the paywall.

(Here's a search I did on "workforce," one of those AP directives for two words when much of the world has gone to one.)

Still, if you want to get a sense of what's going on in that big, scary style world out there, it's good to have in the bookmarks.

I've mentioned here before the usefulness of to get weather and other alerts in your inbox. Now, the free service mails you once a day with links to your daily weather as well as tropical storm updates, Gulf oil updates, etc.

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