Tuesday, October 05, 2010

A blogger's tale of getting a press pass

Philip Smith, proprietor of the "At Liberty to Say" site - a blog covering hyperlocal news in that Upstate S.C. town, tells the tale of seeking out a press pass ... and continues in part two.

Nothing overly new here, but I always like to relay these posts from the front lines. They provide a reality check (I love the student ID-turned-press pass).

Smith also publishes Fixyourthinking.com.

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At 10/28/10, 10:42 AM, Anonymous atlibertytosay said...

Thanks for linking to the article ... I should have part III up soon - it does have something "overly" new ;-)

At 10/28/10, 4:46 PM, Anonymous atlibertytosay said...

And here's part III ...


Again, thank's for linking.

At 7/18/12, 1:20 AM, Blogger jammy summr said...

It is a myth that there is this magical thing called a press pass that will allow you to take your camera wherever you want, especially to really fun places, like backstage at a concert or onto pit road at a car race.


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