Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Correcting Twitter - to delete or not

An excellent conversation is going on at Scott Rosenberg's Wordyard blog given the erroneous information that went out this weekend on Twitter that the Arizona congresswoman had died.

Pick one:
- Do you delete ("scrub") the erroneous information as if it never happened?
- Do you scrub it but put out a correction?
- Do you scrub it but attach make a screenshot of the former tweet so that the erroneous one does not live on "in the wild" but the context is preserved as best you can (though you lose a lot of meta information)?
- Do you retweet the erroneous tweet with the correction appended?

Of course, saying to pick just one is simplistic. It's much more nuanced, taking into account how the speed of propagation has changed many of the old "rules" (which were never followed that well anyway when it comes to corrections).

It's worth reading.

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