Saturday, May 07, 2011

When editing, look at the pictures

One of the vexatious things when editing are corporate and product names (is it McDonalds or McDonald's (apostrophe), Walmart or Wal-Mart (both, actually, depending on what you are referring to, the stores or the corporation)).

Jack Daniel's (Daniels? Daniels'?) has always been a bugbear with me.

But if you have a picture with the corporate logo - especially one you've taken - probably a good thing to look at it. Then you can avoid doing what Columbia's Free Times did this week - spell it two ways, both wrong. (Click on the picture for the larger version where you can read what's on the glass.)

It probably also should be "whiskey," not "whisky," the latter term used generally only with Scotch, while this is bourbon a "Tennessee" sipping whiskey (effectively, a bourbon that has the added feature of being dripped through a charcoal filter ... in the case of Jack Daniel's, its 80% corn takes it slightly out of the classic bourbon category, which under international agreements is supposed to be from 51% to 79% corn. It all gets very complicated.)

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At 5/8/11, 7:35 AM, Blogger Kent Flanagan, aka Punster, said...

Thanks for posting this. However, you're going to have folks from Kentucky and Tennessee telling you sooner or later that Jack Daniel whiskey is sour mash and that bourbon originates only in Kentucky.

I say we should have a taste test of both kinds of whiskey to see if we can tell the difference.


At 5/9/11, 12:58 PM, Blogger Doug Fisher said...


Yeah, I should have been more specific and have done so in the post now.



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