Friday, June 29, 2012

Oops - Hand Perez Hilton the remote, please

The Perez Hilton blog has this breathless story:

Wow! The Good Wife is seriously gearing up for their fourth season with an INSANE amount of talent!
Maura Tierney and Kristin Chenoweth have already been confirmed to appear on the ABC drama when it returns in the fall, and now, it looks like producers are pulling in ANOTHER old Broadway favorite…Nathan Lane!
That's right, the Golden Globe and Tony Award-winning actor will reportedly be a recurring character, and knowing him - as well as the unique way in which this specific shows utilizes actors for unexpected roles - we can't wait to find out even more details!
What do U think?? Are U looking forward to the new season of The Good Wife??

Did you catch the error?

"The Good Wife" is on CBS. So maybe that's one of those details the blog shouldn't wait to find out more about.

The details, by the way, are at Zap2It. Maybe a little less breathless and a bit more fact-checking there, Perez?

(While you're at it, how about saying "The Good Wife" is gearing up for its fourth season?)

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