Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Edit Fail: Let's 'cache' this error

This blurb from Street Fight Daily today is another case of an error I'm seeing more often. Can you find it (hint - read the post headline):

Under a new partnership being announced with Discover, PayPal is super-sizing the number of merchant locations it will accepted at in the U.S. to more than seven million. Discover may not hold the same cache among consumers as Visa and MasterCard, but it reaches nearly as many merchants, or roughly 95 percent of the two other payment networks combined.

Yeah, there's also the missing "be" in front of "accepted." But the one I had in mind was that the writer used cache when the word needed was cachet. I'm seeing it confused more and more with cache, which is not quite 180 degrees opposite, but close, in that it means to hide something or store it away instead of elevating it in prestige.

(The original AllThingsD article got it right, by the way.)

I think some writers think the word from the French is somehow spelled caché, with the accent acute that tends to be pronounced by English speakers as a long "a." But the word (as does cache) derives from cacher.

So let's be careful out there.

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