Friday, October 12, 2012

Win a VIP look at 'Meet the Press'

Mea culpa - I've been meaning to post this but have been swamped with teaching. So with just 15 hours left to enter, let me clue you in to kind of a neat promotion: Win a backstage pass to "Meet the Press" a week before the election.

Normally, I don't shill for these things, but this one's being put on by Omaze, a startup that's raising money for causes by offering "experiences" like this.

(Full disclosure: It was brought to my attention by Rachel Kraus, who's been kind enough to speak to my class on social media and nonprofits and I owe her one - but I wouldn't be mentioning this if it were not MTP and linked to a decent cause.)

The beneficiary of the "Meet the Press" gig is the Young Storytellers Foundation.

Here are the details from Kraus:
  •  You and a friend get flown roundtrip to Washington D.C. and put up in a hotel.
  •  VIP access for you and your friend to "Meet the Press."
  •  Sit on stage in one of 10 seats usually reserved for friends and family.
  •  Meet David Gregory.
Taping takes place Oct. 28, a week before the election.

It's $10 for one ticket and less per ticket if you buy more. I don't know what your odds are - obviously it varies by how many entries are in, but  the site doesn't say (note to Omaze - a meter showing at least how many entries or how much has been raised would be a good addition.)

As with all these things, caveat emptor. But I think it's at least worth checking out.

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