Friday, May 21, 2004

OK, who spilled the beans?

Romenesko has a wonderful link today to the blog of Dave Copeland, a Pittsburg Tribune-Review columnist who has started posting queries to Profnet, the system by which school PR directors "pitch" their "experts" to queries posed by "journalists." (quote marks intended)

His entry from Thursday comes, reportedly, from Elisa Cho of Fox News:
TODAY/EDUCATION: LIBERAL BIAS AT COLLEGES - FOX NEWS CHANNEL (US) I'm looking for academic "experts" who can speak about the "liberal bias" at college campuses and/or the dominance of liberal professors at colleges. I prefer someone who has written a book about this topic. No phone calls, please.

Hello, Profnet. Got any "experts" who can talk about how journalists decide what the story is and then seek the talking heads to fill the preconceived notion?
Profnet has a role -- like any narcotic -- when used properly and under medical supervision.

(A previous Profnet query -- no way to verify it, either -- that was submitted by one of the commenters is even more damning.)


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