Tuesday, May 25, 2004

SPJ-L suspended
Word from another list this morning that the SPJ discussion list, which had been housed on a Penn State machine, has been suspended until who knows when.

The message:
Dear SPJ-L subscribers:

First, thanks for all the contributions made throughout the many years SPJ-L has been available.

It is now the sentiment of the SPJ Board of directors that all lists bearing the name of SPJ be housed by SPJ and moderated. This is a time consuming endeavor.

So, until such a time as SPJ can reconstitute the list and ensure it is properly moderated, SPJ-L will be eliminated until a yet-to-be undetermined date.

Again, thanks for your contributions.

Mac McKerral
SPJ President

Let's hope it doesn't disappear forever. Despite the complaints over the years of occasional flaming and inappropriate or off-target postings, any area where journalists can discuss things is valuable, in my mind.


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