Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Where's the original?
E&P online has an interesting story out of Wilmington, N.C., about a controversy over a story published in the Star-News about a college student being stalked by a former boyfriend. The young woman's mother initially brought the case to the paper's attention and then asked that it not be run. And now the young woman has been shot to death, allegedly by her boyfriend who was killed today in a police manhunt.

The paper has all the latest news on its Web site. But search in the archives for the May 31 story using all the various names involved (and the young woman's last name is not a common spelling), and you come up dry. Which makes me wonder -- have the lawyers been at work? If, indeed, it has been deleted, then that raises lots of other issues, too.

The story does exist, for now, however, on Lexis/Nexis.


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