Sunday, May 22, 2005

Covering Biker Week Across Media

One of the annual rites of spring in Myrtle Beach is "Biker Week," the invasion of the Harleys.

This year, Newsplex has teamed with Media General's TV station and newspaper in nearby Florence to bring students -- print and broadcast -- and professionals together to produce multimedia coverage of the event.

This is really an impressive display of how it can be done, folks. There's audio, video, text and a moblog.

This follows up the extensive coverage project we ran last year out of Newsplex, the Wireless Election Connection, that put students equipped with photo phones at the political conventions and at polling places across the nation to show show the viability of these concepts of working across media.

I don't have a hand in the biker week -- wish I did, but other things demand attention, such as the New Voices project in Hartsville -- but Newsplex Director Randy Covington is leading the team at the beach. If you want to know where your "new" journalists are going to come from, here's your answer.


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