Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Numbers Guy columns

Not sure what's up with Carl Bialik's "Numbers Guy" column at WSJ Online. You still can get to the listing of the columns (although his filing of them has become spotty; the last one was Oct. 7), but when you click on a link, you get the subscription page. They used to be fully public.

I've got a couple of e-mails into WSJ Online to see what's up.

If they are going behind the sub wall, it would be a shame. They were an excellent public, and teaching, resource.

Happy to report that Bialik's column is now freely available again -- and he has just posted another good one on fuzzy stats used to compare our scientific competitiveness with China and India.

Apparently it is possible somewhere along the line to pick up a WSJ cookie that will cause you this kind of heartburn, or so says WSJOnline's feedback folks.

So if you run into trouble, go to
This will clean out whatever they've put on your machine and clear the path.


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