Monday, November 07, 2005

Winthrop student's column raises hackles

The staff of The Johnsonian newspaper at Winthrop University finds itself in the middle of some campus unrest as the result of a column by copy editor Christine Byington:

I don’t mean to implicate all blacks in this. I just have a problem with the belligerent ones who think we aren’t doing enough for them.
I'll leave it up to your imagination to where things go from there. Will Atkinson's blog has the details.

Today's Rock Hill Herald has more.


At 11/8/05, 2:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many students were understandably upset with the opinion piece (not just the minority students).

The Johnsonian plans on devoting three pages to the letters we received.

A second forum will also be taking place on Thursday, at which point new issues of the Johnsonian and the multicultural newspaper the Roddey Mcmillan Record will have been printed.

I've got links on my blogs to all the news organizations that picked this story up. I've never seen such a response to our campus newspaper.


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