Thursday, December 01, 2005

Reality check

Next time you are pining for the good old days, pull out a copy of this memo given to renowned St. Pete Times state government reporter Lucy Morgan, who just retired, on her first day working in the paper's Pasco bureau. As Poynter's Roy Peter Clark titled it, "You think you're overworked?"


At 12/2/05, 2:02 PM, Blogger Graeme S. Marshall said...

Former NBC weatherman Willard Scott, quite possibly the greatest pure talent that the TV medium has ever known was once asked to surmise the importance of the work done by television journalists. I have engraved his response on a cast-iron plaque that hangs over my dining room table. “Never slap a man chewing tobacco.”

I have undertaken a lengthy mission of my own in the service of journalism. Namely, I have deigned to explore in a few tasty morsels of truth, half-truths, three quarter lies and total fabrications culled from my lengthy and storied career as a professional journalist.

So, loosen your belt a couple, push back from the kitchen table, give yourself plenty of elbow room and prepare to breathe deep as I dole out in cafeteria-sized clumps, the eight-course feast that is my journalism career.

G.S. Marshall


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