Thursday, April 27, 2006

BONG Bull back in Dayton

Charley Stough's BONG Bull is back on the Web. He had suspended it because of blogging policies (or anti-policies, apparently) at his former employer, the San Antonio Express-News . But now he's back in Dayton where he used to set up shop at the Daily News (although I gather this time he's just taking a well-deserved rest).

His parting shot at San Antonio is worth reading. An excerpt:
And then there was truly the cutest phenomenon, the fear and loathing of BONG. What you're reading is in my resume, was there when they hired me. Wouldn't keep it a secret; even church committees Google. BONG's been pretty much the same for almost 20 years, first called a column, then a newsletter, a zine, and then a blog. The Express-News recently started blogs. Most of them are full of stuff we used to write 30 on TOP of. But OK, now they blog, and somebody said hey, while we're trying to figure this out, we got a guy over here, Charley, who's been doing it for years. Then a manager said, "What, years? Generating ideas? Making deadlines? Building readership? And he can talk to us? Good Lord, he must be stopped!"
OK, then. No need to watch that bridge go up in flames. But San Antonio's loss is the gain for the rest of us.

Welcome back, Charley!


At 10/19/06, 5:53 PM, Blogger Skip said...

Fearless exposure of incompetence, idiocy and malfeasance used to be the hallmark of journalism. Glad to see Charley is still at it. Where are the young Turks who can stand alongside him?


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