Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Leaving a hole in newspaper education

Was trolling about looking for something and saw that ASNE has ended its Institute for Journalism Excellence, the program that put journalism professors into working newsrooms for seven weeks during the summer, plus gave them an update briefing on developments in the industry.

This time of turmoil seems to be exactly the time such a program is needed. If an industry already largely starved for R&D is relying on j-schools to turn out the people it needs for the future, I hope someone thinks about a replacement. It need not necessarily be an internship-like program. But it does have to foster the ties between the newsroom and the classroom so that the classrom stays updated.

The Knight Brothers' 21st Century News Challenge is good, but not enough.

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At 11/8/06, 11:27 AM, Blogger Andy Bechtel said...

This is terrible news. My wife participated in this program and spent the summer of 1999 working at the New York Times site. She learned a tremendous amount, much of which she was able to bring from the newsroom to the classroom, where she taught visual communication, among other subjects. Of course, she has since left academia for the corporate world.


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