Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Training ... for what?

Mindy McAdams writes about some of the same things I've been feeling these days as people call me for "training." More and more it seems newsrooms have less and less of an idea what they want. To quote her: something new has recently started to sink in: These managing editors and editors-in-chief don't know where to start. ...Last year, people were replying to my question this way: Come and do 90 minutes, or three hours, and give us kind of an overview of multimedia. This year is different. They're replying: Everything. Anything. What should we do? You tell us.

More sign of desperation? Or are we just at a juncture where this will all sort itself out shortly?

I keep a deep hope that as more of the folks we turn out of j-school come equipped with some of these skills, it will sort out.

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