Monday, October 29, 2007

Ventura Star copy desk blog

Always good to see a desk blogging, even if the posts are a little irregular. The Ventura County Star desk blog also has some good links to AP Style and tips for better usage.

And while we're linking to interesting blogs, at the X-degree, Melissa Worden explores the facets of online storytelling. One recent observation:

I’m continually shocked that students are so unprepared. I have a degree in architecture, and back in the day, we didn’t learn Computer Aided Design/Drafting because the professors said we would learn that in the field — we were in school to learn the fundamentals of design and structures. Thank you, but my colleagues had a difficult time finding a job, even with a master’s degree (I opted for journalism right out of college, so didn’t face that problem). But what’s going on in journalism today is even worse, I think. They’re not teaching the technical skills, AND they’re not teaching the fundamentals in online storytelling.

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