Saturday, August 02, 2008

BONG Bull is back! No. 694

After a bit of an absence, Charley Stough is back with a spiffy new version of the always acerbic, always delightful look at the news biz, BONG Bull.

I say spiffy because he now has it, issue 694, Web formatted with pictures and everything. Unfortunately, that means I can't easily copy and paste it here for you to get an RSS feed. And, for now at least, Charley doesn't have a link or RSS feed at his Web site.

So you just need to click over there and subscribe (or yo can click here to send the e-mail).

Just a hint from the latest issue: Typo the Wonder Pig spies his unrequited love, Ursula, at a John McCain rally. Those of you who are regular BONG followers know what happens.

(Note: Comments and back links are shut off because -- well, you can imagine the stuff "Bong" attracts.)