Thursday, July 16, 2009

Newsrooms note: Using social media to help you

Working with a small daily this summer, and we were talking about maybe changes in timing of back to school and holiday shopping, which could affect when to do the traditional tab, sales timing, maybe try some new stuff online, etc.

In typical fashion for a news org, the speculation and anecdote began around the table (you know, the old "editor's gut" way of doing things).

The paper has a Facebook page and Twitter. So as a practical example of thinking about and using social media/wisdom of crowds, I said, use your audience.

Because I can pay a bit more attention to it, I am doing it here, on my Facebook page, and in a poll on another site.

So let me ask. This year for holiday shopping are you:

-- Planning to shop at the normal time (mostly Oct/Nov/Dec.)
-- Already shopping looking for deals
-- Going to let the deals determine when I shop
-- Waiting till last-minute, hoping for deals
-- Not shopping at all; can't afford it

Answers in comments, if you would.

And an early happy holidays!

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