Friday, November 13, 2009

The disconnect over paywalls

You just wonder, some days, if anyone pays attention to the research being done about this business, especially online payments.

Some recent:
At least the draconian "we're going to put a moat up around everything" wave seems to have subsided. But I wonder how many publishers really have researched their communities to find out:
  • What exactly is online, especially broadband, penetration?
  • How many people say they turn to their cell phone for information?
  • More important, what is the trend? How do your customers expect they will be getting their info in five or 10 years?
  • And, of course, what are they willing to pay for it?
Too many publishers really don't have answers to those questions, and they're not up on the research.

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At 11/18/09, 5:38 PM, Anonymous Mike Mokrzycki said...

Not only does it seem many publishers are making critical decisions without a research basis, but even where research is being done (and reported publicly), often it is of questionable validity and reliability. As bleak as some of these estimates are, methodological problems actually might make them overly optimistic. Hope this doesn't come off as spammy but as someone whose professional experience spans both news and survey research, I've posted some thoughts on this topic on my posterous over the last several months, including a post the other night on some of the most recently released data. More to come. Feedback welcomed.


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