Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Bad Heds: Did he actually want to be there

The poorly worded headline of the week, so far, comes from the U.K.'s Press Association. One wonders, was he sad he missed it?

But this one from Ad Age, brought to our attention by a commenter to this blog's feed on Facebook, comes in a close second:



At 2/10/10, 10:46 AM, Blogger Ralph Hanson said...

One of my favorites from West Virginia was:

"Big Ugly Man Charged With Murder"

What? You've never heard of Big Ugly?


At 2/10/10, 10:50 AM, Blogger Doug said...

Right up there with Round O, S.C., and Gnaw Bone, Ind.

At 2/10/10, 12:01 PM, Blogger fev said...

Fame and fortune come to Larry Bird's hometown: French Lick Woman Caught In Drug Raid!

Great catch, Fish. I think that's next week's Word Of Warning for Com3210.


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