Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dear NYT: Details or links please

The New York Times again shows, to my mind, that it's still struggling with the idea of what readers might want from a story and how to more deftly link to solve that.

Case in point is the NYT's story on Delta's plans to cut service to 24 rural airports.

Uh, what 24 might those be?

It mentions a few in the story, but it took a reader in the comments to provide a link to a list. (The NYT did link to the Delta news release, but then it took yet another click to get to the list itself. As a reader, my immediate question is what 24 - any cities I fly into? That question should be openly answered on the article page, not hinted at through a link to the release that then requires another hop.)

There's a graphic that accompanies the Times' story, but it's basically useless unless you can click to expand it substantially with the cities captioned. You can't. (Oh, you can click, but it doesn't get much bigger and no cities are captioned.)

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