Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Reporter resources - Cool site: StatSpotting

Just came across StatSpotting, an intriguing site that scrapes the Web for some of the most intriguing statistics of the day.

Nothing I'd take to the bank, especially given the gauzy nature of who's behind it,* but certainly a place that seems useful to find out what kind of stats are bouncing around online for possible story ideas.

For instance, here's what's being featured today:

I've added the RSS feed to my reader.


*The site says it's run by "NP Labs," but that goes to a dead link. Its "whois" lists an outfit in Bangalore called Numbers Plus, but that site is just a GoDaddy container. So as with all things Web, caveat emptor, but then again you should just be using this for ideas anyhow, right?

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At 9/8/11, 4:52 AM, Anonymous Tom | Transcription Place said...

Provided the statistics are accurate.
You don't want to lose authority by reporting on inaccurate data. I guess you could be vague about the exact figures, as long as you get the message across.

At 9/8/11, 11:19 AM, Blogger Doug said...

My point exactly of caveat emptor and that you should just be using this for ideas - and checking it all out on your own.


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