Tuesday, November 15, 2011

At once perceptive and arrogant - Part 2

So yesterday I riffed on the arrogance in an otherwise perceptive look inside Tribune by an an editor at the Los Angeles Review of Books.

Then, this morning, I'm reading a fanciful post on Mel Taylor Media of what Steve Jobs would do if he were running a newspaper, and embedded in the middle is this YouTube video of a woman - journalist apparently - wishing ads on the Internet would just go away. We'd all go to a donation system, etc. etc. (I have no idea who this person is or where this was said; it's not labeled.)

I put this under perceptive and arrogant because, again, I think it shows the inability, even after several years of the writing on the wall, to fully connect with reality. It's perceptive, with a streak of arrogance.

Wow. Is this contagious? Is there a vaccine I can get out there? Sure, every journalist has had sweet dreams of oodles of time, buckets of money and the autonomy of presiding over a fief.

But let's take some reality pills here, OK? Content is great. Content is NOT king.

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