Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Infographic: What Haley did after hacking briefing

First, take the column I'm about to reference with your usual caveat emptor stance. It rakes S.C. Republican Gov. Nikki Haley over the coals for what she and her administration did - or didn't do - after she learned millions of tax returns at the state Revenue Department had been hacked.

It comes from Andy Brack, Democrat-at-large, who in the column does fail to note his former job as mouthpiece for Sen. Fritz Hollings (D-Central Casting) when he praises the former senator.

Having said that, click through to the PDF timeline. It's actually a pretty good infographic on what the gov did after the hacking briefing, and it raises some questions.

It's also useful for teaching because it's good reporting, too, using things that are easily available and, when juxtaposed, open a whole new avenue of inquiry.

Also been picked up by the Huffington Post:

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