Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bad layout - Football players, sexual predators

One wonders if those laying out The (Columbia, S.C.) State today folded the paper in half, stepped back and took a look at the layout.

Hint: Always try to look at the page as two half pages, because that's how many of your readers will see it.

(Thanks to Augie Grant for the photo, which I was about to take when his arrived in my email.)

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At 11/25/12, 1:36 PM, Anonymous Andy Bechtel said...

This also hurts the page's value as a keepsake. "Sexual predators" isn't suitable for framing.

At 11/25/12, 1:46 PM, Blogger Doug said...

They do a big blowout page inside for framing.

And what do you mean not suitable for framing? I might very well frame this one {grin}.



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