Monday, February 03, 2014

Useful reading - Picard: Shift in modes of news production

Robert Picard is one of the world's leading scholars on media economics, and as a blogger he's definitely quality over quantity.

So when he does a piece like this that nicely and clearly explains the shifts in news production into a forked model, I highly recommend it.

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At 2/3/14, 8:06 PM, Blogger Holly K. said...

All well and good, Doug, but how? Guess if we could answer that we'd assure ourselves a comfortable retirement.

At 2/3/14, 9:51 PM, Blogger Doug said...

Indeed. But I think it's important just to have some clarity on the lay of the land, which he provides. With that, we can tackle your question :)

At 2/4/14, 12:36 AM, Blogger Holly K. said...

I think one thing that could be done is to change some corporate culture by weaning stockholders of the idea that papers can still be cash cows. That might buy some time to figure things out.


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