Friday, January 30, 2004

It bugs me ...
Some "printer-friendly" versions could be a lot more friendly.
Why can't more news sites include the link to the story at the top or bottom of the printed version?
Some get it: SFGate, Editor and Publisher and many others too numerous to mention among them. E&P even takes it a step further with a list of the actual addresses for links mentioned in the site. Bravo!
But too many don't get it -- if I'm printing this, I probably want to reference it in the future when I'm not going to be at a computer or don't want the hassle of having to look it up again (assuming it hasn't been put behind a paid archive where I can't easily get to it).
This is one of my biggest gripes with Poynter's Web site -- so much great information and so unportable.
C'mon. Let's make printer-friendly really mean friendly.


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