Friday, March 19, 2004

From Houston ...
Corrected 3-20: It's Janice Castro, not Janet. Had one of those "oh crap" moments walking back to the hotel last night (every former reporter knows those cold-sweat moments) realizing that in the rush to free up a machine yesterday for others here I had made that big mistake. A building full of copy editors and I do that (slink away quietly ...). My apologies.
Biggest disappointment at the ACES conference so far: The relatively few copy editors -- only 15 to 20 -- who turned out for the online editing sessions. But it's an emerging area and the realization probably isn't there yet that this may well be one of the biggest issues news organization copy editors will have to deal with in the next few years.

Most encouraging moment so far: The packed room for the presentation by Deborah Gump, Susan Keith and Janice Castro on what research is telling us about copy editors, their jobs, how people read the paper and online, and the future. We need many more of these sessions that bridge from academia to the real world and the real problems of working professionals. It's obvious copy editors have the interest. Thanks Deb, Susan and Janice for a good session.


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