Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Tha flushing sound you hear ...

... Is once again the Gallup Organization reporting in its latest ethics poll that reporters are down there at #15 (TV) and #16 (newspaper) -- sandwiched between state officeholders above and business executives below -- when it comes to the public's judgment of ethics and honesty. Twenty-three percent of those questioned said TV reporters had "high or very high" ethics. It was 21 percent for newspaper reporters.

Nurses, grade-school teachers, pharmacists and military officers top the list, all over 70 percent. Bankers (and that's different from business executives?) rank 10th at 36 percent.

Sure makes me proud.

I love Editor and Publisher's spin on it -- If there's any good news for newspapers, it's that since 2000, the number of those saying that reporters have high or very high ethical standards has climbed from 16% to 21%. In 2000, reporters were behind even lawyers in that category.

Hey, at this rate, only 10 years to go and we'll be up near the top!

Thanks to Romenesko for the pointer.


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