Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Radio is not dead ...

It's apparently just getting its second wind on the Internet.

At least that's what the latest report (free exec. summary) from Borrell Associates seems to indicate. From the company's tease release:

  • The online radio audience -- those who listen regularly to streaming audio -- is about 20 million, roughly 10% of the Internet population or 8.8% of broadcast radio's total audience.

  • Of the $35 million spent on advertising in this category, $30 million goes to local stations selling banners and links on their Web sites, and $5 million goes to "online-only" radio stations that air commercials within their audio streams.

  • As much as half of the online radio audience may have come online in the past year, fueled by heavy promotion from AOL, Yahoo!, MSN, which operate about 500 of their own radio "channels."

Having cut my journalistic eyeteeth in radio, anything to help that medium -- be it satellite or Internet -- is music to my ears (pun and mixed metaphor intended). I know it's changed my listening habits. Though I have a radio in my office, it seldom has my favorite, jazz, on it. So I bring up WNCU out of Durham, N.C. -- a great listening station -- on an old Dell in my office and go about my work on my Mac.


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