Friday, November 12, 2004

Sorrily sporadic

My apologies for sporadic posts and for letting the Lessons from Newsplex slip. It's the getting-close-to-the-end-of-semester grading crunch -- and with a copy-editing class of 57 that can make for looooong days (and nights) and occasional despair at the future of the English language. (Really, it's not that bad. It just seems so sometimes.)

I did have a chance to get to the Association of Capitol Reporters and Editors conference today. Neat sessions and good to see fellow statehouse reporters from all those years I wrestled with legislatures and state government. Wish more could attend. One conspicuous absence from the attendees list -- anyone from AP, the 600-pound gorilla in a lot of state capitals.

One thing became quickly clear from one session -- the Medicare overhaul bill coming on line is going to be a bear to cover and explain and has the potential to explode inside a lot of state budgets.


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