Friday, October 29, 2004

We're from the Secret Service. About your blog ...

Blog for your chance at an FBI/Secret Service file.

That seems to be what's happening to one blogger named anniesj on Live Journal who has a lengthy post about getting a Secret Service visit after a particularly pointed rant about President Bush. There's a second post, as well, with more explanation.

The original post has been taken down, but a poster on another blog says it had something to do with "stabs Bush in face with spork."

Of course, this is the blogosphere, and as noted on yet another series of posts, it's best to take some of this with a grain of salt. But as Steve Outing points out on E-media Tidbits, aside from the Big Brother implications, one lesson to be taken away, whether it actually happened or not, is that it well could in an era where posts live on forever courtesy of Google and other search engine caches.

Blog with care.


At 10/29/04, 12:06 PM, Blogger Lisa Coble said...

Thanks for the advice. It's good you are encouraging common sense and a bit of ethics in the blogosphere. The issue of the validity of blogs is very interesting also. In the words of the late great Rodney Dangerfield, "It's a scary world out there."

We're dealing with copyright issues, style and convergence at the University of Kansas School of Journalism's Multimedia Newsroom. It is always interesting to see what other students are doing. The blogging students at USC seem to be blogging in the traditional sense. My classmates have brought a little creativity to their student posts, J.T. for example.

At 10/29/04, 6:36 PM, Blogger Tom said...

Terry Heaton has the post up on his blog, if you're interested. Let's just say I'm not surprised about the Feds' visit to the blogger.

At 10/31/04, 5:37 PM, Blogger Doug Fisher said...

Tom, thanks for that. I must have tried to find it through two or three search engines and multiple searches and came up close, but no cigar.


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