Tuesday, November 09, 2004

More ethics for the clueless

I've written previously in this space about TV anchors in Albuquerque apparently finding no conflict in shilling for the governor at a conference, or the TV reporter in Arizona who donated to a sheriff's campaign -- and then broke a story about a 30-year-old rape allegation against the sheriff's opponent.

Now, courtesy of a pointer from Romenesko comes the story of a TV producer in Santa Rosa, Calif., who ran for and was elected to a city council in the station's coverage area. The vice president/general manager/acting news director (shudder) at KFTY-TV says the station has an ethics policy, but -- quoting the paper -- "it does not specifically address McGuire's political involvement."

Hmmm ... guess they overlooked that one.

So let's help them. No matter what you say about your producer's not being involved in this city's coverage decisions, politics and news don't mix. Your coverage is tainted. Period.

There, now was that so hard?

Guess so.


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