Thursday, June 30, 2005

Proud Poppa alert

We interupt our regularly scheduled blogging to present this Proud Poppa alert:

Raising a family of baggers: Newspaper did a story on both sons, who have become grocery bagging champs in their jobs at Publix. Older went to nationals this year and younger is following that path, too. Couldn't have come from their father; all he did was sling crates of overripe fruit around in his youth at Grand Union. (Local TV also did a story. See video.)

Once again, proof of generation skipping: At least on his father's side. Reed has been named one of the top five male athletes in the Gulf South Conference. All his talent comes from his mother. There's a reason you don't see all of me in that picture that accompanies this blog.

This ends the Proud Pappa alert. We now return you to our regularly scheduled blog.


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